About Us

Bowler beverage company Limited is a beverage producing company aimed at supplying the public with quality beverages such as the well-known Aqua Pure water, Twist etc. It is a company ever working hard to be at the top of Malawi’s list of Beverage Producers and at the same time recognizing and subscribing to its values at all times. It is proud to be Malawian and therefore dedicated to the country’s development with respect its people, laws, authorities, customs and traditions. Being a people business, it prides itself on the commitment to treating customers fairly with respect and dignity at all times. It is competitive, results driven and determined to achieve what it sets out to do, pursues fairness, honesty and dignity


Bowler beverage’s aqua pure water was the 1st and only international awarded drinking water for quality in Malawi receiving Gold Status at the Century International Quality Era Awards in Geneva. It is approved by the Muslim Association of Malawi and the Malawi Bureau of Standards as a product of high quality and safe to consume.




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